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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!

I finally did it.  I deleted deactivated my Facebook account =)  It feels good.  I've mentioned "wanting to" in previous posts, but couldn't work myself up to do it because I've just been holding on to several excuses that try and justify why I spend so much time on the darn thing!  But today I did it, and although currently I don't feel any different from any other day when I would normally log in way TOO many times, I know I will later.

Truth is, for me, I made it out to be like it was such a huge thing to bring myself to - "deactivation".  But it's so simple.  Everyone I "talked" to on Facebook, I really actually talk to in real life, so that's not going to change.  If anything, we'll probably have more to talk about now face to face!  <-Take that Facebook =)  Ahhhh..I like this already.

The husband did it too, but he beat me to it proved himself more brave than I last week.  So here's to us getting back to what's important in life...and less time on the computer...and spending our time wisely...and staying away from drama...and making real life friend requests...and real life invitations...*Cheers*

P.S...If you've been wanting to take that leap to take some time away from Facebook, but are in need of some motivation, let this song inspire you =)


Cupcake and Co. said...

Wow I had forgotten all about that song, but what a strong message. Thanks for posting this Jess!!

Mrs. Moore said...

Nothing like old-school 4Him =) The song was more sarcastic than anything (although the lyrics do apply). The message of the blog post, though, totally serious!

Cupcake and Co. said...

yeah the style not so much haha, but the lyrics do apply your right!!