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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Mama

So a lot of the time I am not sure of what to mention in a blog..and most of the time, once I start typing, I end up not making very much sense! So I have been browsing other blogs, and what I have found is mostly others thoughts of the day.
So here I am, I created this blog specifically to share what is going on with our journey to becoming parents, but there's not a whole lot happening in that department thus far. I mean, we are trying, but I am learning patience more and more everyday. I am learning not to become so consumed with having a baby that I miss out on the enjoyment of my everyday life. Having a baby is important to me, but I am learning to be okay with giving the issue over to God. I mean, after all, He is the ultimate creator in this situation, so I have to remind myself daily that it is up to Him when Jeremy and I will have a baby. That's not to say that we're not doing our part, because we are, but I think it is important to God, and to my husband and I, to not become so consumed with the desire that we no longer focus on each other.

But like I was saying, there are no signs of pregnancy thus far, but I will definitely be noting if I see some in the future.

Today I have been thinking of what Jeremy is going to be like as a daddy. I know he is excited at the thought, and we have a lot of fun discussing things such as baby names, who will change the diapers vs. who will handle childhood vomiting, whether or not our child will play sports, etc...And I have imagined him as a daddy before, but today it just will not seem to leave my mind. It may have been sparked this morning, before Jeremy left for work. I was sitting at the bar, eating my bowl of cereal and drinking my usual half cup of coffee, and our youngest pup, Ellie, just would not seem to leave him alone. She kept jumping up his leg as if to say "hold me, hold me." So Jeremy, like he usually does, knelt down and held out his arms and waited for Ellie to calm down so he could pick her up. Ellie jumped into his arms and Jeremy swung her up over his head, and sat her on his shoulder:) It was so stinking cute, partly due to how tiny she is, and partly because she was so content there on his shoulder. She almost looked as if she was smiling, overwhelmed with joy to be on Daddy's shoulder. I know this may all sound cheesy, but our pups are so important to us, and they are the closest things we have to babies right now. They demand so much love and attention, and they have brought Jeremy and I so much joy in our relationship.

I feel like it has created this sweet bond between my husband and I..to be able to look back to when we bought Maggie, she was just this little snow-white fur ball, and we have raised her to be such a loving and sweet tempered pup. Maggie loves to cuddle, and be sung to...she is a complete "mommy's girl". She uses her 24 hour days to play non-stop with her squeaky soccer ball, and she has developed these amazing goalie techniques that I'm positive would put David Beckham out of business! She's just an incredible dog, and Jeremy and I often sit on the couch and smile at each other as we think back over the past year and a half we have had her in our lives.

Then there is Ellie. We bought her on my birthday this year, after watching Marley and Me. Jeremy and I both cried our eyes out, and at some sad point in the movie I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "you wanna go look at puppies after this?" I asked just so we could go and put a smile back on our faces, but we ended up walking out of the pet store that night with a 1.11 pound, tri-colored poodle that has become our special Ellie. She is special indeed. Ellie has this thing with her tongue...usually if she is pondering something, she pokes her tongue out just a little bit, and cocks her head to the side...It is the cutest thing, and we have come to embrace her "special" qualities. She also has a love for mirrors, or anything that casts a reflection of herself. We have a mirrored closet in our bedroom that she often stops at to check herself out in. It's hilarious and different for us, because Maggie never explored the way Ellie does. She will confuse herself if you step in the picture, too. Jeremy will often times wave at her while she's looking, and she will walk forward into the mirror, rather than understanding what is going on. She does this with the oven, too! Ellie is a very special baby, but we love her just the same. But, Maggie definitely picked up the intellectual genes!

It makes me laugh when people find out that we have two tiny, prissy pups. We were over at a friend's house recently, and one of the guys looked at Jeremy and said, "Man, you sure don't look like a poodle kind of guy!" I just laughed as I thought of Jeremy wearing his Snuggie, propped up on the couch with our two little rugrats. The truth is, we never thought of Jeremy to be a poodle kind of guy either, but oh my goodness, how these little babies have grown on him! It melts me to see how gentle he is with them, in his caring for them, disciplining them, or just loving on them. I just imagine that if he is this in love with poodles, he's really going to be a softy with his own children!

I know that God has blessed me tremendously with an amazing husband! Jeremy loves me so much (and I love him incredibly too) and I can't wait to see how much more that love will grow as I bear his child:) He's going to be a wonderful Daddy one day.. I'm not sure how he will deal with pregnancy (he tends to have a rather weak stomach), but I do know that he is excited, just as I am. I love my man, and I love his passion for God! I can't wait to be his "Baby Mama"!

Below is Daddy with Baby Maggie

This is Special Baby Ellie

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