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Monday, January 24, 2011

New blog design...

I am in LOVE with the new look here! The uber talented Amick Cutler did a beautiful job of creating something I believe represents my personality and what this blog is all about. I. Love. It. Please check out his website if you are looking for a new design for yours, or any kind of design for that matter!! Just go check out his website. You can click on the link above, or find his button below on the right hand side.

When I began blogging, I had no idea of the passion that was about to ignite within. I took the advice of a wonderful friend/fellow blogger who recommended I document the journey my husband and I were about to venture on when we decided two years ago that we were ready to begin trying for a baby. Her advice could not have been more spot on. Not only did I not know how the journey would unfold, but i was totally oblivious to how much encouragement and support one can experience through reading and following other journeys through blog land. I love it. I love the stories and the people, and the majority of them I've never even met.

This new design comes at the perfect timing for our story. Our journey to a life with children has taken on a whole new meaning, and it's bittersweet in every sense of the word. It's very difficult at times to picture myself possibly never getting to experience pregnancy, or childbirth, or seeing what God creates from my husband and I. However, I don't believe He has shut that door completely for us. We still believe in His supernatural abilities to erase any infertility diagnosis and bless us with as many children as He sees fit, and we claim that over our bodies and our lives. The sweetness comes in the form of a better plan for us right now; a God ordained adoption- one that we embrace with open hearts and open arms. It's something that I know is going to change our lives forever, and I could not be more thankful that this has been His plan for us all along.

So here's to a new design, testimony, and lots of blogging!!


Tarah said...

I think it is perfect! I love watching your story unfold. I know that God has a unique plan for all of us even when we can't see the bigger picture. I never imagined myself with four children but seeing each one I couldn't imagine a world without them. Love you girl and I am praying for God's will for you guys!!!

Tara said...

Oh wow I LOVE your new layout, way to go Amick gorgeous as always. I agree that it is a great symbolization of your journey!! Beautiful, I am so glad your blogging :)

Rachel said...

I love the new design! Excellent!!! I can't wait for him to give mine a makeover! :)