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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't believe in coincidences...

The other day my mom brought over a tub she found in some storage at her house, and inside were a bunch of different things she felt were important to keep for me when I was little. You know, things like old journals from school, pictures, awards, etc. As I went through, I had a blast reading little tidbits from my imagination as a kid, and Jeremy for sure got a kick out of some of the things I had written.

I can remember being in class in elementary school, and the teacher would always start the day off with a random topic for our journal entry. The other night, as I read through each page, it was easy to assume what topic the teacher wrote on the board according to what my entry consisted of. "Describe your favorite ice cream flavor", "Describe your favorite holiday", "What do you plan to do over the summer"...

Then I came to this one:

My heart melted a little bit when I read it. At ten years old, I wrote about adoption. No, the words aren't earth shattering or anything, and sure, whatever topic Mrs. Bell put on the white board that day prompted this little paragraph to come about, but it just goes to show that adoption has always been a part of who I am. In fourth grade, in the midst of make-believe stories, and revealing to my journal what my favorite animals, colors, and foods were at the time, this little paragraph about adoption came out of me.

Call it a coincidence, but I don't believe in those. I believe this is just a little picture to illustrate the bigger story that God is writing about my life. And I feel like with each turn of the page, this story He is writing makes perfect sense.


SomeGirl said...

That's beautiful! I had no idea when I went to teach English in Russia during college that I would be learning the language I would speak with my child just after he came home to us from an orphanage in St. Petersburg. God's plan is always unfolding in our lives and it's a beautiful plan! Thanks for sharing this! Love, Michelle

(found you through a RT you did from my friend Rachel @a_steady_rain) :)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Michelle!!